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Bingjie Hu

Chief Executive Officer

On behalf of the students, staff and stakeholders, it gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the website of Hu Oxbridge School.


Over a period of 24 months preparation, Hu Oxbridge School was founded in Shanghai in September 2018. We aim to provide opportunities for Chinese students seeking a high quality academic education in facilitating subjects and access to places at the university of Cambridge as well as the university of Oxford. 

At Hu Oxbridge School we firmly commit to develop the academic excellence of each student. By just offering six fundamental advanced level subjects in terms of English Language, English Literature, Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Economics, Chemistry, Hu Oxbridge School shall guide our students in developing a proper mindset of English learning. Students have a strong sense of pride in belonging in the diverse, inclusive, high-performing and friendly Hu Oxbridge Learning Center and leave us after three years of study ready to make a positive contribution to the world as future leaders in their own fields. 


Hu Oxbridge School has strong links with a number of British partner schools, such as London Academy of Excellence. In the past six years, London Academic of Excellence has been ranking the top 3 state sixth form college in the east of England at securing places for their students at Oxford, Cambridge and other Russell Group universities. With the solid partnership with London Academy of Excellence, Hu Oxbridge School is confident to deliver Chinese parents as well as their children an outstanding advice and guidance of the destination to Oxbridge, which is truly unique and second to none. 


I would strongly recommend you to explore more about Hu Oxbridge School.


Pursuit your academic excellence at Hu Oxbridge School.

Hu Oxbridge School, owned and operated by Shanghai Jinqiao Education Technology Co., Ltd which was officially registered in Pudong district, Shanghai on 18 September, 2018The appearance of Hu Oxbridge School, is based on the inspiration and efforts from a wide range of individuals as well as organsations, they are

Miss Bingjie Hu, CEO at Hu Oxbridge School, Director at Hamad & Hu British Education Consulting

Dr Amina Wakefield, CEO at Cambridge Worldwide Academy 

Mr Hassan Dawoud Hamad, Former Director of Hamad & Hu Consulting 

Mr Leon Lloyd, CEO at Switch the Play

Mr Paul Griffiths, Director at Aspire Sports

Mr Scott Baker, MA (Cantab), PGCE, NPQH, Headmaster at London Academic of Excellence

Mr Barnaby Lenon, Chairman of the Independent of Schools Council

Currently, Hu Oxbridge School is in its process of launching two exceptionally high quality educational products that supported by our British academic partners. We shall look forward to having fruitful results by introducing them to China market.


We are the bridge between you and Oxbridge.

Academic Excellence

Hu Oxbridge School exists to give its students a exceptionally rewarding and intellectually inspiring place where they are able to develop their full potential in day to day practices.

Critical Mentality

Hu Oxbridge School teaches students the western way of critical thinking, guiding them to establish the common mindsets that would largely benefit their future study and career development.


Social Responsibility

In the community of learning centre, Hu Oxbridge School generates ideas and educates students who shall seek to change the world for the better.



16 - 18 Years



Room69, 38F, Park Place

1601 Nanjing West Road

Shanghai, China


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